Azoxystrobin …… .. 200 g / L

Difenoconazole …… .. 125 g / L

GAEASuper 32.5 SC is the combination of two fungicides, azoxystrobin and difenoconazole; that allows you to control a wide range of diseases. GAEASuper 32.5 SC It has both systemic and contact activity. Shake the container well before using the product.

To prepare, add the amount of GAEASuper 32.5 SC to be used in half the volume of water to be applied, shake well until a stable solution is obtained and make up the amount of water. If you use a non-ionic surfactant, add it last and shake again. GAEASuper 32.5 SC can be applied with any land equipment, manual sprayer, atomizer or tractorized equipment, as long as it is in good working order and provided with suitable nozzles (preferably the empty cone type).

Crop: Grape

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