Peruvian Market

The future of our presence in Perú

Our market network covers more than 60 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa, where we are recognized for a high reputation due to high quality products and comprehensive services for the benefit of the agricultural sector. We are currently arriving in Peru to offer the agriculture sector a package of important solutions for the protection of crops that favor production in balance with the environment.

Main office:
Calle Pucalá 324, department 201. Urbanización C.C. Monterrico, Santiago de Surco, Lima – Peru.

Point of Sales:

– La Libertad
– Ica
– Chiclayo
– Piura

As part of our commercial strategy, we are in the process of registering 10 products among fungicides, insecticides and herbicides with SENASA as an introduction to this important market; also considering the registration of other new products during the second and third phase of this process. This strategy allows us to have a complete portfolio of agricultural products to meet the demand of the sector and thus contribute to ensuring agricultural production while taking care of the environment.

Brand Market name Category
RHEA 10 EC Bifenthrin 100 G/L EC Insecticide
THEIA 50 SC Carbendazim 500 G/L SC Fungicide
POSEIDO 36SC Cyazofamid 80 G/KG +Pyraclostrobin 280 G/KG SC Fungicide
FIPRO MAXX 80WG Fipronil 800 G/KG WG Insecticide
DEMETER 20EC Glufosinate-Ammonium 200 G/L EC Fungicide
ARTEMIS 75.7 SG Glyphosate 757 G/KG SG Herbicide
LAPETUS 70 WG Imidacloprid 700 G/KG WG Insecticide
METANIL 40SC Pyrimethanil 400 G/L SC Fungicide
KRONUS 50 WG Spirotetramat 500 G/KG WG Insecticide
GAEA PEAK 36SC Tebuconazole 240 G.L+Azoxystrobin 120 G/L SC Fungicide
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