Thiamethoxam …… .. 700g / kg

AETHER 70 WG® is a product with active ingredient Thiamethoxam, it is an insecticide belonging to the group of neocotinoids, with systemic and contact action; rapidly absorbed and transported throughout the plant where it acts by interfering with nerve transmission between neurons by binding to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, preventing insects from feeding and causing their subsequent death.

AETHER 70 WG® can be applied with hand loader (backpack) sprayers, stationary or tractor-powered equipment. Sprayers must be in good condition and calibrated before use. For the application, the application tank must be filled to half its capacity, make a premix in a small amount of water in a bucket or container, shake well until a homogeneous mixture is formed, pour the mixture into the application tank and complete the volume of water to use.

Crop: Grape

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